Flora is individual ceramic pieces created for a wall installation in the exhibit Red Lady dressed in Green in the Casa Museo Marina Nuñez del Prado, San Isidro, Lima, Peru. The pieces simulate amazon nature that covers all and invades the space with seemingly no rolls. In the exhibition the ceramic pieces were placed one after the other simulating a continuous thread of vegetation that extends across the walls of the gallery, the vegetation went on top of some of the paintings making a swift untraditional displacement of larger format paintings. Flora in this context represented the always present amazon nature that insists on regenerating itself even with all the adversities. As nature in cities where within the cracks of some sidewalks, we can see grass, flowers, or sometimes even trees that start to show their leaves with the minimum conditions and space.

Each ceramic piece is sold separately

Ceramic, high-temperature gres clay,   average size 23cm x 28cm

150 USD